The very first MiniChess training session in the history of West Africa was conducted in Abidjan shortly after the conclusion of the Cote d'Ivorie invitational.

We were extremely privileged to have the MiniChess founder, Mrs Marisa van der Merwe present in person to deliver this very first training session! This will no doubt stand the first trainees in excellent stead as we commence the process of rolling out the program in West Africa.

We wish to congratulate the following six individuals who successfully completed the level 1 course and who are now accredited as licensed MiniChess Trainers in the region:

From Cote dÍvoire:
1. Cyrille Setty
2. Djobo Gnagne
3. Djobo Opportune
4. Koffi Koblan

From Ghana
1. Joseph Jamena
2. Elikem Attah

We wish them all the best of luck as they carry MiniChess to new audiences in their respective countries!