We are pleased to announce that we have recently received a new shipment of chess equipment from our international suppliers. In addition to our standard KCF branded boards and sets, we are now also able to offer both DGT and LEAP clocks at excellent prices.

The clocks now available include the brand new LEAP PQ9912, as well as the older LEAP model PQ9903A which is now being offered at a special price of R500 (including VAT).

The recent strength of the Rand has allowed us to secure stock at excellent prices and we have updated the equipment page on our website to reflect the latest items we have in stock.

Any individuals interested in ordering equipment may do so by downloading the order form from our website at http://www.kcfafrica.com/en/content/equipment. Delivery can be arranged throughout Southern Africa where required.

Prices for all equipment are listed on the main at the link above.