July promises to be an extremely busy month as we are hosting no less than 5 major tournaments across the continent this month alone! Our full list of tournaments for July includes the following FIDE rated events.

1. Nairobi Gymkhana Millionaire Chess Open from 9 - 10 July in Nairobi, Kenya
2. The 2nd Nigerian Millionaire Chess Open from 12 - 16 July in Lagos, Nigeria
3. The Redpath Mining Millionaire Chess Open from 13 - 17 July in Johannesburg, South Africa
4. The 2016 Madagascar Open from 20 - 25 July in Antananarivo, Madagascar and
5. The 6th Presidents Cup from 28 July – 1 August in Accra, Ghana

We are delighted to be able to renew the partnership with Millionaire Chess this month and we look forward to the exciting Satellite tournaments that are planned in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. We also very pleased to be able to welcome Redpath Mining as the title sponsor for the South Africa tournament.

Full details for all 5 regional events have been published on the local chess pages but are also available for download at

We look forward to a bumper month of chess which will no doubt see many of the top players on the continent clash in the various events that lie ahead this month.