We wish to congratulate both MiniChess Madagascar and the Madagascar Chess Federation (FMJE) who have just signed a ground breaking agreement with the Ministry of National Education in Madagascar.

The agreement paves the way to role the MiniChess program in schools throughout the country and is the direct result of the success of the pilot programs that have been running in 9 primary schools in the country since 2014!

KCF would like to join MiniChess Madagascar in expressing our profound gratitude to the government of Madagascar, through the minister of national education for accepting to integrate this ground breaking teaching method and embrace modern practices and teaching methods within their educational program!

We further congratulate the team at MiniChess Madagascar for the great work they have been doing that has brought them to this successful point.

Madagascar is the second African country to get formal approval for the MiniChess program in the last 2 months and follows the team at MiniChess Rwanda who secured similar approval from the Rwanda Education Ministry earlier this year!

We are proud of both teams and the great impact that the program is having in both countries!