The FIDE Rating List for February has been released and as usual there are some notable movements from both federations and individuals.

The federations that added the most rated players in the month of January 2016 were Nigeria (21), Uganda (16), Angola (11) and Lesotho (10). A total of 81 new African players were added to the list of active rated players in the month!

The results at an individual level are particularly impressive this month though as two juniors have made huge strides forward.
We wish to congratulate Daniel Anwuli from Nigeria who rose from 2182 to 2346 and became the number 2 rated player in the country as well as 2015 African Junior Champion IM David Silva who also added over 100 points to rise from 2164 to 2332 (and take the number 1 spot for Angola.)

Junior players continue to benefit from their K-Factor of 40 and results like this are becoming increasingly common both in Africa and across the world. Having said this both players were arguably
heavily underrated beforehand and their new ratings are probably fair reflections of their true playing strength.

The full statistical results for February are available as usual at