Shortly before heading to Zambia for the Zambian Open, IM Daniel Jere started off the second leg of the Chess Masters for Africa Tour by hosting a week's training in Gaborone in Botswana.

His tour ran from 20 - 26 April and consisted of Strength Training, Coaching Abilities, Coaching sessions at schools and a simultaneous display.

After a short planning and orientation meeting, his first afternoon session was conducted at the offices of Mobile Chess Academy. The focus was on strength training with the trainees working on their strategic understanding under the topic of piece cut-off.

The next morning, the focus was on coaching and the trainees worked on techniques for introducing a new topic and ensuring that all the students understand. In the afternoon, a visit was conducted to Botlokwa Primary School where Daniel and one of the trainees conducted lessons while the other coaches observed the lessons. The lesson was for beginners and focused on the basics of how to set up the chess board and name the pieces as well as basic opening principles.

The morning of the 3rd day was spent working on tactical training with a specific focus on Double-check themes. In the afternoon, the trainees visited Botlhale private school were some of the trainees conducted their own lesson with Daniel observing. Each coach was allocated time with feedback being provided both during the lessons and afterwards.

Day 4 focused on how to teach kids to do basic calculations using various tactical motifs and the importance of threat identification in beginners’ chess. In the afternoon, Daniel conducted a simultaneous display with some of the countries elite juniors. He then also did a coaching session using one a classical game.

The weekend was spent at Yarona hotel where another simultaneous match was played against the participating coaches and some elite players. This was followed by a lecture on the importance of having a long term plan and taking short term opportunities with Daniel using one of his own games against a Grandmaster as an example. This was a full day session which covered all phases of the game from the opening to the middle game and endgame.

The final morning session consisted of one on one sessions which were conducted with the coaches. Daniel followed up on the assignments that were left by Pontus and gave each trainee new homework for the next period. He also took time to interview each participant individually so he assist with future goal setting.

In the afternoon, Daniel have his final lecture where he used another classical game to teach about both playing abilities and strength building techniques.

Daniel will also be conducting another session in Tanzania later this month and we wish to thank him for the significant contribution he has already made to the CMAT program!