The July rating stats have been released and the monthly analysis is available on our homepage at

A notable change that has taken place over the last few months is in Libya where the local chess federation has made great strides with regards to the number of FIDE rated players. They have risen to 4th place in the country rankings based on number of rated players after almost doubling the number of FIDE rated players in the country over the course of the last 6 months.

In terms of individual rankings the two top African juniors continued to move forward and both Fy Rakotomaharo and Adam Fawzy have now entered the top 10.

Another significant milestone was recorded in June by Zambian FM Andrew Kayonde who crossed the 2400 barrier to re-enter the top 20 after after a strong showing in his latest tournament in Lusaka. Andrew now needs just one further IM norm to complete his title requirements.

The ladies ranking list saw two new players from Morocco enter the top 20 following the completion of the Zone 4.1 Championship in Agadir in May.

We expect to see some major changes in August once the results from the busy July period are taken into account.