GM Kenny Solomon arrived in Rwanda after an intense and fruitful week of training in Kenya

His first day was spent distributing chess material at various schools while in the evening he was interviewed by a local sports channel. This was followed by a simultaneous exhibition against 9 of the trainees during which he was held to a draw by Eugene Mugema.

Saturday morning was spent focusing on rook and pawn endgames while the afternoon sessions handled instructive games.This gave the trainees an appreciation of the strategy and importance of major piece co-ordination. During his talks, Kenny constantly emphasized the importance of knowing the classics.

Sunday morning had an energetic start and focused on tactical combinations. The afternoon session covered themes including the power of the 2 bishops and how to handle more closed positions with space advantages.This was followed by demonstrations on how to use the new Chessbase 14 software and how to download chess games from various chess websites.

The next 3 days were spent focusing on individual sessions. In the mornings, Kenny would work through player games and point out common mistakes. He also gave recommendations for improvements during analysis. The afternoons involved schools visits where the trainees would each be required to host lesson and teach chess pupils between the ages of 6 and 9.

The trainees performed very well and there was great interaction between the trainers and students. Each school also received a brief introduction to the Paul Allan project. The school visits also included meetings with the principals where some schools expressed their willingness to host chess events at their facilities in the future

Kenny is now in Tanzania for the final leg of his first trip and we wish to thank him for his tireless efforts!