We are always happy to learn that our donations are being put to good use and this has definitely been the case in Somalia where the 600 chess boards and sets sent by KCF Africa are clearly making a major impact.

On the 20th April 2017, the Somali Chess Federation donated some of this chess equipment to schools under the supervision of the Association of Chess Players in Somalia.

The event was held at the Hotel Shammo in Mogadishu and was graced by the presence of the President of the Somalia Chess Federation, Dr Hassan Abdi, the Federation Secretary Mr Mohammed Abdi Mohammed, the President of the Somalia Olympic Committee, Mr Abdulaahi Ahmed Tarabi and the President of the Somalia Chess Players Association, Mr Cabduqaadir Nur Buttis. There were also various representatives from the schools as well as many local chess players.

Thirteen schools in total benefited and received 5 clocks and 30 boards each. They were broken into two groups as follows:

Schools under Dugsiga Jaabir Bin Xayaan:
1. Macallin Jaamac
2. Faraca Jardiinka
3. Faraca S.bacaad
4. Faraca Juungal
5. Faraca Ceel qalow
6. Faraca Nasteexo

Schools under the control of the Banaadir Zone Foundation:
7. Banadir zone Wadajir
8. Banadir zone Karaan
9. Banadir zone Shibis
10. Banadir zone Yaqshiid primary school
11. Banadir zone Yaqshid secondary school
12. Banadir zone primary girls’ school
13. Banadir zone secondary girls’ school

We wish to thank the Somali Chess Federation and the Somalia Chess Players Association for partnering with us and congratulate them on the great strides being made to being chess into the local schools in Somalia.